Friday, 6 May 2011


There has been lack of impartiality in the implementation of United Nations resolution 1973, which mandated the use of force by the UN forces in the protection of civilians in Libya.The resolution on Libya speak of use of UN forces,but not in order to support one of the sides in the conflict.It is now conventional wisdom that UN forces came to assist the rebels who are apparent not poorly armed but untrained as well,against Gaddafi's professionally trained,well equipped,well dressed and well fed forces.Such behaviour by the world body had raised concerns over its impartiality in handling situations of such magnitude and complexity.In fact, this is not the first time the UN has conduct in such ways,it did the same thing in Ivory Coast.The ambiguity of the resolution has enabled the international forces to go beyond the mandate of the Security Council resolution,approved in March from which countries with veto powers such as Russia abstained from voting.The double standards with which the United States is well known for have spilled to the operations of the world body and if unchecked have a propensity of dividing the universal entity into various camps.In the hands of leaders with such ideas international security is in the intensive care unit.There should be transparency in the operations of the UN and clearly spelt out resolutions should be made to ensure that its implementation remains within boundaries.

There has been recent outburst by the Russian President Medevdev who remarked ,"resolutions should be executed in accordance with their letter and spirit and not in accordance with the random interpretations that were given by some states".His remarks are not far off the mark as the voice of the Obama administration can be traced in the interpretation of the resolution.Although there has been outright denial by his regime, the United States and its allies are after regime change in Libya.They will make sure that their objects are achieved at whatever cost.

It is the United States and the coalition of the willing which invaded Iraq in 2003 without the blessings of the United Nations.Gaddafi is a despotic leader but a resolution is a resolution and must be implemented according to the text.Failure to observe this will be a recipe for disaster as future resolutions will instead be licences for fueling conflict rather than an attempt to end it.

Many more tyrannies and their cronies are bustling in the luxury of their looty while the generality of the people languish in abject poverty.What made the libyan people in the east rise against government has to do with economic issues and deep feeling of resentment at losing out on a share of oil wealth,which has resulted in underdevelopment .

However, the reasons for the uprising of the west are quite unique to their circumstances.Misrata has been relatively prosperous,with a strong mercantile tradition and one of the highest literacy rates.Abdullah Mohammed,an engineer returning from Liverpool to join the struggle, observed that,"we did not rise up in Misrata because we are poor.We rose up because because we want freedom".

While everyone sympathises with the Libyan people,that does not give those tasked to implement resolution 1973 leverage to do as they deem necessary but should follow the dictates of the resolution for the good of the world.

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